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Smarter Balanced Deployment Information
Name Date Status Version Description
Single Sign-On and Access Management - Recommended Requirements
08 Feb 2019 Release

A set of recommended requirements Smarter Balanced members may use when procuring Single Sign-On services. These are compatible with the Smarter Balanced strategy for member-provided Single Sign-On.

Version 2.0 has been added that includes the following changes

  • Link update to the RFC 2119
  • Fix phrasing in Project Deliverable to clarify Supplier is Federated SSO Provider
  • Removed questions at the end

Version 1.0 is available for comparison.

Deployment Checklist
01 Oct 2017 release current

Provides a step-by-step checklist for deploying Test Delivery System components.

TDS Common Configuration Steps
22 Sep 2017 Release 3.x.x RELEASE, 4.x.x RELEASE

Provides instructions for common tasks to configure a TDS isntance after it has been deployed.

Pilot Test - Automated Scoring Research Studies
16 Feb 2017 Release

In 2013 McGraw-Hill Education CTB conducted a set of Research Studies regarding the use of automated scoring for Smarter Balanced pilot test. This is a report of the results of those studies.

Smarter Balanced Scoring Specifications
18 Nov 2016 9

The Smarter Balanced Test Scoring Specifications define how item scores are combined to calculate an overall test scaled score.

Performance Report for the May 2016 Release of the Open Source Test Delivery System
02 Sep 2016 1

A report on the performance of the May 2016 release of the open source Test Delivery System (TDS). This release increases capacity from 20,000 to 50,000 concurrent students, is faster and more responsive than previous releases, and deployment and configuration have been dramatically improved.

Evaluation Reports for the 2015 Release of the Open Source Test Delivery System
02 Sep 2016 1

These three reports are an evaluation of the open source Test Delivery System (TDS) released by Smarter Balanced in 2015 as compared with the requirements of the RFP. Fairway Technologies produced these reports under a competitive bid contract with Smarter Balanced.

The development of the 2016 release of the TDS software has been informed by these evaluations and it includes substantial improvements in all three areas.

Smarter Balanced Test Results Data Reporting Requirements Supplement
04 Aug 2016 1

A supplement to the Smarter Balanced Test Results Data Reporting Requirements for 2015-2016 school year is now available.

Assessment Package Types
23 Jun 2016 Release

Defines the categories of assessment package types distributed by Smarter Balanced.

Alignment Study
25 Apr 2016 Final

This is a final report of the Alignment Study conducted by HumRRO under subcontract with CTB. The goal of this project was to gather evidence to examine the validity of Smarter Balanced summative assessments in terms of their alignment to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Test Delivery System - January 2016 Performance Improvements
27 Jan 2016 Release

A report on performance improvements achieved in the January 2016 release of the open source SmarterApp test delivery system.

Training and Operations Materials for Spring 2016 Smarter Balanced Tests
30 Nov 2015 Release

Links to public Training and Operations Materials for the Spring 2015 Smarter Balanced Tests. Many documents are available for download from the Smarter Balanced Public FTP site. Certain materials are only available to authorized users on the Secure FTP site.

Guidelines for the Configuration of iPads During Smarter Balanced Testing
28 Oct 2015 Release

Guidelines for proper configuration of iPads when used during Smarter Balanced interim and summative testing. Updated for school year 2015-2016.

Hash Student ID Sample
02 Oct 2015 Sample

Algorithm and sSample code to demonstrate how to hash a StudentID into an AlternateSSID suitable for use in de-identified student data. The code is written in C# for the Microsoft.NET platform and makes use of the associated cryptographic library.

Vendors are not required to use this method for generating the AlternateSSID but it is a recommended practice.

De-Identification of Student IDs
02 Oct 2015 Release

A Non-Technical memo explaining to Smarter Balanced Member Agencies what to expect when their service providers use Keyed Cryptographic Hashing to produce Alterate Student IDs to preserve student privacy.

SmarterApp Issues Management – Getting Started
15 Apr 2015 Release

The “Getting Started” guide for reporting Bugs and Enhancement Requests (issues) regarding SmarterApp software.

Smarter Balanced Scoring Specification 2014-2015
17 Mar 2015

The Smarter Balanced Test Scoring Specifications page has moved to here. Please update any bookmarks you may have with the new link.

Online Fixed Form Mathematics Tests for Students Using Braille Pre-Embossed Graphics Available
17 Mar 2015 Release

Smarter Balanced is offering a new testing option for students using Braille mathematics assessments in grades 3-8 and 11. American Printing House for the Blind (APH) and Smarter Balanced will provide states − through their service providers – the option of pre-embossed tactile Mathematics graphics for the online, fixed-form mathematics assessments in grades 3-8 and 11. This document includes details regarding the new option.

Online Dictionary Guidelines
06 Feb 2015 Release

Guidelines for access to the Merriam-Webster online dictionaries licensed for use in Smarter Balanced assessments.

Interpreting Smarter Balanced Standard IDs
17 Jan 2015 Release

Describes how to interpret the Smarter Balanced Standard IDs that are used in item metadata to indicate alignment of items to the Smarter Balanced Test Blueprint.

Embedded Field Test Plan 2015
17 Jan 2015 Release

A description of the plans for field-test items to be embedded in the Spring 2015 assessment. Field test items are to be distributed separately from the summative content package.

Using the Smarter Balanced Secure FTP Site
09 Jan 2015 Release

Instructions for accessing files posted on the Smarter Balanced Secure FTP site including welcome email, setting a password, downloading over the web, and configuring an FTP client.

Field Test - Automated Scoring Research Studies
24 Dec 2014 Release

In 2014 McGraw-Hill Education CTB conducted a set of Research Studies regarding the use of automated scoring for short-text and essay items on the Smarter Balanced assessments. This is a report of the results of those studies. In addition to the primary document, the report includes the following appendices:

Practice and Training Tests
19 Dec 2014 Updated 2014-12-19

The Practice and Training Test Packages with all items, stimuli and metadata. Includes Practice Tests for grades 3-8 and High School plus Training Tests in three grade bands. These include test packages, item content, and item metadata. The 19 December 2014 release includes machine scoring rubrics. The practice and training tests are not intended to be scored. Item scoring rubrics are supplied strictly to support development and testing of assessment delivery systems.

2014/2015 Interim Item Counts
17 Dec 2014

This spreadsheet includes item counts for all Interim Comprehensive Assessment (ICA) and Interim Assessment Block (IAB) test forms.

Achievement Level Cut Scores
17 Dec 2014 Approved

The official Smarter Balanced Cut Scores that indicate the scale score ranges for achievement levels 1-4 in each tested grade.

Questions and Answers Session, October 2014 (Recording)
05 Nov 2014

Recording of the Question and Answers portion of the K-12 Implementation meeting held on October 28, 2014. Playback requires Adobe Flash.

Smarter Balanced Hand Scoring Rules
30 Sep 2014 Release v1.0

In order to optimize scoring reliability, scoring validity and efficiency, Smarter Balanced has provided this scoring method recommendation, but the scoring process will ultimately be a state determination. Smarter Balanced provides expectations for reliability and validity that member states must meet or exceed. Smarter Balanced intends to use reliability and validity criteria that are consistent with industry best practices as established as a deliverable of Smarter Balanced Contract-16/17.

Support Tier Definitions and Division of Responsibility
26 Sep 2014 Release

Definitions of Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 support and the Division of support responsibilities and tiers between Smarter Balanced and its member states. Excerpted from the Smarter Balanced State Procedures Manual

Assistive Technology and Secure Browsers Brief
29 Jul 2014 Release

A short brief on how assistive technology should be used with SmarterApp secure browsers to support students with disabilities while preserving the security of exams.

Training Test Item Package Cross Reference
20 May 2014 Release

A cross-reference between assessment items on the Smarter Balanced Training Test and the corresponding encoded items in the Sample Assessment Item Package. Also includes a summary list of Smarter Balanced assessment item types.

As of Fall 2018 the Smarter Balanced Test Delivery System (TDS) is no longer supported.

The code base and documentation for the TDS is available within the Smarter Balanced GitHub repository.

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