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Interpreting Smarter Balanced Standard IDs
2015-01-17 | 1.0

References to the Smarter Balanced test blueprint are typically made by referencing the claim and the standard. However, in the item metadata references may also be in the form of “Standard IDs”. Standard IDs include claim and target as well as additional information such as the corresponding Common Core State Standard. There are four forms of Standard IDs which are used for different purposes.

Here are two examples of standards references made in item metadata followed by instructions on how to interpret these values.


Math example:


In this example, the standard alignment is represented in two formats. In each case, the format type is specified twice. Once in the <Publication> element and once as a prefix to the identifier with a colon separating the format type from the identifier.

English Language Arts (ELA) example:


Interpreting the Standard Identifiers


In the example above this is interpreted as follows:

The “-6” suffix on the target indicates 6th grade.


The format is the same as with v4. The only difference is this indicates a secondary, rather than a primary alignment.


This format should be used for Math items in assessment delivery. It does not include the Common Core State Standard. Claim and Target should be the same as in the v4 version.

In the example above, this is interpreted as follows:


This is the only format for ELA items. It is used in both development and delivery.

In the example above, this is interpreted as follows:

As with Math, the “-6” suffix on the target indicates 6th grade.

Unlike Math, ELA claims include a suffix that indicates the domain. The possible claim/domain values are:

As of Fall 2018 the Smarter Balanced Test Delivery System (TDS) is no longer supported.

The code base and documentation for the TDS is available within the Smarter Balanced GitHub repository.

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