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New Deployment Section, Cut Scores, and More
Dec 17, 2014

The SmarterApp site has been augmented with a new Deployment section for documents associated with deployment of the tools for the Smarter Balanced assessments. Seven existing documents including the Questions and Answers from the monthly implementation calls have been moved to the new section.

The Smarter Balanced Cut Scores, have been posted in the Deployment section. These are the scale score values that distinguish between the four achievement levels in each tested grade.

The Implementation Readiness Package has been updated to reflect important design decisions. In particular, the work is divided into multiple phases and the tools and tests in the package are designed to work well with all Smarter Balanced deployments whether or not they are based on the open source applications.

Finally, the Test Results Transmission Format specification was updated with a sample output that better reflects the reporting of accommodations.

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