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Test Results Transmission Format
Date:  May 9, 2017
Document:  Click Here
Status:  Accepted, Updated

This is the format in which test results are transmitted from the test delivery system to the data warehouse and reporting system. It contains everything about a student’s test event including questions presented, student responses, item scores, test scores, and accessibility features used. Data archives will be preserved in this format to enable future analytics and to preserve all information about a test event.

Version 1.2 adds an updated XSD and a second sample document. These two parts are also posted as separate documents:

Version 1.5 includes indicators of which fields should be removed when de-identifying data.

Version 1.6 includes updates to the XSD and XML sample files

Version 1.7 includes updates to the specification with optional fields and an updated XSD file.

Version 1.8 includes updates to the specification, XML, and XSD files.

Version 1.9 includes minor updates to the specification, XML, and XSD files.

Version 1.10 includes numerous updates to the specification, XML, and XSD files to align with the reporting and datawarehouse.

Version 1.11 includes updates to the assessment score table to match the Test Results Data Model and the addition of an optional ethnicity field for Filipino.

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