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TDS Deployment Checklist
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Intended Audience

This document is intended for use by system administrators and/or software developers that want to deploy an instance of the Test Delivery System (TDS) to a set of server instances hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Version Compatibility

TDS requires a suite of applications to be deployed. The table below lists out the versions of the applications that work together. References to building particular versions or deployment versions in the checklists refer to these versions unless specified.

Project Version
Student   3.1.5.RELEASE
Proctor   3.1.4.RELEASE
Assessment Service   3.1.2.RELEASE
Session Service   3.1.3.RELEASE
Config Service   3.1.2.RELEASE
Exam Service   3.1.2.RELEASE
Student Service   3.1.1.RELEASE
Exam Results Transmitter   3.1.4.RELEASE
Equation Scorer Service   3.1.1.RELEASE
Configuration Service   3.1.1.RELEASE

Deployment Checklists

Shared Services

Test Delivery System

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