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Illustration Glossary - Implementation Readiness
2019-09-16 | Preliminary


Smarter Balanced provides guidance and supporting tools to ensure the proper implementation of specific functionality. This page references all the documents, demo website, and QA guidelines to insure a reliable implementation of the Illustration Glossary functionality in any Test Delivery System.

Illustration Glossary Definition

An Illustration Glossary provides support functionality to provide definitions for certain words or phrases in the form of an image. The illustration depicts the defining concept of the word or phrase it corresponds to.

Functional Specifications

For a complete description of all the functional specifications please refer to the following document:


Demonstration Website

Smarter Balanced is providing a link to the the Sample Test website where users can sign in anonymously to test items containing the Illustration Glossary.

Note: to test/demo please follow the initial login screens. Select the grade 7 Math Sample Test. When on the Choose Settings screen please select from the “Illustration Glossary” drop down the option “Show Illustration Glossary”.

Testing and Quality Assurance of the Implementation

Example Items and Implementation Testing Guidelines

Smarter Balanced is providing implementation testing guidelines to serve as reference for testing and Quality Assurance (QA) of the implementation of the Illustration Glossaries feature. The following document provides guidance on loading the example items and making sure users are ready to QA test:


The following link points to a zip file containing the necessary example assessment/test item containing items with illustration glossaries. Use this file and its contents for loading the examples into a Test Delivery System:

Quality Assurance & Testing

The Smarter Balanced Illustration Glossary Quality Assurance Checklist is intended to ensure third-party Test Delivery System (TDS) applications adhere to Smarter Balanced practices, standards, and guidelines that promote quality solutions. Even though this checklist covers mostly the functional aspects of the User Interface, it is recommended that the team developing this feature familiarize themselves with this checklist to ensure the developed application meets the quality standards.

As part of the effort to assure consistency Smarter Balanced is providing the QA checklist below. The checklist should be used as assurance that the Test Delivery System is capable of providing all of the functionality of the Illustration Glossaries:


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