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Braille Transcripts - Implementation Readiness
2017-05-05 | Preliminary


Smarter Balanced provides guidance and supporting tools to ensure the proper implementation of specific content and/or functionality. This page references all the documents, sample files, and QA guidelines to insure a reliable implementation of the delivery of Braille Transcripts in any Test Delivery System.

Braille Transcripts Definition

Students with both visual and hearing impairments may benefit from Braille Transcripts of the Closed Captioning associated with an ELA/literacy listening passage. Smarter Balanced is releasing Braille Transcripts to provide supporting materials to students who are blind or visually impaired and deaf or hearing impaired. When a student with the Braille Transcript accommodation requests embossing of a listening passage, the introductory text of the passage is combined with the Closed Captioning transcript content and a single Braille (BRF) file is provided to the Test Administrator for embossing.

Student and Test Administrator User Experience Workflows

The following document contains a definition of the Braille Transcripts functionality and a workflow of the user experiences involved in the process of taking and administering a test with Braille Transcripts. The document also has example step-by-step depictions of the user experiences as implemented in the Smarter Balanced Test Delivery System:


Functional Specifications & Technical Framework

For a complete description of all the functional specifications please refer to the “Braille Transcripts of Closed Captions” section (page 4) of the following document:


Testing and Quality Assurance of the Implementation

Example Items and Implementation Testing Guidelines

Smarter Balanced is providing implementation testing guidelines to serve as reference for testing and Quality Assurance (QA) of the implementation of the Braille Transcript content. The following document provides guidance on using the example items and making sure Test Delivery Systems are ready:


The following link points to a zip file containing the necessary example assessment/test item containing items with Braille Transcripts. Use this file and its contents for loading the examples into a Test Delivery System:

Quality Assurance & Testing

The Smarter Balanced Braille Transcripts Quality Assurance Checklist is intended to ensure third-party Test Delivery System (TDS) applications adhere to Smarter Balanced practices, standards, and guidelines that promote quality solutions. Even though this checklist covers mostly the functional aspects of the User Interface, it is recommended that the team developing this feature familiarize themselves with this checklist to ensure the developed application meets the quality standards.

As part of the effort to assure consistency Smarter Balanced is providing the QA checklist below. The checklist should be used as assurance that the Test Delivery System is capable of providing all of the functionality of the Braille Transcripts:


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